The Foundry Pourer participates in the manufacture of metal parts by pouring molten metal in a cavity called a mold. 
In the parts manufacturing process, the Foundry Pourer carries out their task after the Molder who makes the mold, and before all finishing operations (unhooking, sandblasting, shot blasting, finishing, etc.). The activity is carried out in the foundry workshops of a metallurgical company. This is generally a sedentary position.
The pourer works in close collaboration with the furnace operator, and can work as a team when casting very large parts. He/She is also called upon to collaborate with other services such as molding.



Employment is accessible with training at CAP level in Foundry Trades, or Bac Pro Foundry.
Training can also be carried out by apprenticeship.


Activity Description
  • Make sure the mold is clean, and check its loading and clamping before casting
  • Calculate the necessary casting volume according to the parts to be cast
  • Prepare the necessary casting ladles
  • Ensure the temperature of the casting at the outlet of the oven
  • Manage the ladles (preheating, supply near the furnace, etc.)
  • Fill the bags, and possibly the metallurgical treatment of the bag (degassing, inoculation, etc.)
  • Transfer the liquid alloy to the casting area
  • Pour the molds
Machines and tools used
  • Foundry furnaces
  • Ladles
  • Overhead traveling cranes
  • Perch
  • Temperature sensor
  • Category

  • Specific requirements:

    • Have good physical resistance to withstand the constraints of the workstation (standing work, handling, heat, etc.)
    • Have a sense of responsibility and teamwork
    • Have good communication skills
    • Be meticulous and patient