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Safe Metal, world leader in green sand cast steel components

A subsidiary of the Safe Group, a leading international industrialist, Safe Metal is the world leader in green sand cast steel components. In each of its markets, Public works and mining, Heavy-duty trucks, Rail transport, Handling and lifting, Agricultural machinery, Defense vehicles, Safe Metal supports its clients in a process of co-design of products meeting their needs for components in cast steel.

Turnkey solutions developed for each of our clients’ markets

The shaped steel components produced by Safe Metal benefit from know-how based on:

  • 9 factories (7 foundries and 2 plants specialized in machining), located in Europe, Mexico and China, efficient and complementary, with a total capacity of 78,000 tons of products per year;
  • international and multidisciplinary teams capable of offering optimized solutions and services to all global manufacturers;
  • a constant commitment to technical progress and innovation to develop the products and production processes of tomorrow.

Our history


Over 50 years of industrial culture and international growth

The original activity of the Safe Group, the foundry forged the industrial culture of the company. The vision of Marc Génot pursued and amplified by Gérard Mura has been to continually maintain the technological leadership of the teams and equipment to offer clients a global and personalized service accompanying the needs of the markets in which they are involved. It is in this perspective that from factories in eastern France, Safe Metal has acquired a reputation as a specialist in green sand cast steel components throughout the world.
Constitution of Aciéries et Fonderies de l’Est
Merger of 2 family companies created in 1918, and carrying out a production activity of cast steel on models: Aciéries et Fonderies du Doubs (Sainte-Suzanne) & Fonderie Maître (Colombier-Fontaine)
Acquisition of Fonderies et Aciéries Electriques de Feurs
They will subsequently be renamed Feursmétal then Castmetal Feurs.
Creation of the company FWF
Aciéries et Fonderies de l’Est becomes AFE.
Creation of the company Feurst (Feurs - France)
Distribution company specializing in wear parts for public works machinery.
Creation of the company FWF of Mexico (Cuauhtémoc-Mexico)
Acquisition of the assets of a Chinese company to create the company AFE Métal Castings Xuzhou (Xuzhou - China)
Subsequently became Castmetal Xuzhou
AFE changes its name and becomes Safe. The branches are also renamed
The corporate names of the branches are harmonized around a common root: Castmetal, then added to the name of the city where the plant is located.
Creation of the company Castmetal Vitoria (Vitoria - Spain)
After acquisition of the assets of the Novacero steel foundry.
Creation of the company Castmetal Leon
By taking over the assets of the Endaki Tecnocast foundry (La Robla - Leon - Spain).
Deployment of the Industry 4.0 approach
To accelerate the Group's growth and launch a program of new industrial acquisitions.
Sale of the company Castmetal Leon
Acquisition of the Mécanique2L group
The Branch Safe Metal continues its strategic value integration plan with the acquisition of the Mécanique2L group, a recognized specialist in machining.
Acquisition of the Nantong Rising Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd factory in China
The Safe Metal Division is pursuing its strategy of growth and value integration by acquiring Nantong Rising Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a steel foundry with a machining capacity of 20,000 tons, autonomous in machining.
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Established as close as possible to its clients around the world, Safe Metal is the world leader in high value-added steel foundry for the transport, handling and construction markets. A long-term partner who invests in creating sustainable value, Safe Metal provides its clients with turnkey solutions. With the expertise and experience built up over 150 years, Safe Metal supports its clients from design to commissioning for parts ranging from one gram to several tons.

Our CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy

Our CSR policy

CSR commitments


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Supporting our customers in the manufacture of sustainable cast steel products that can be repaired and recycled, by looking after our employees and operating high-performance plants that are adapted to the social and environmental challenges of our profession.

This is the CSR vision of Safe Metal, it consists in integrating the principles of sustainable development in all its activities in an ambitious and long-term way; it is meaningful for the commitment of employees on a daily basis.

The Safe Metal branch applies the Group’s values based on Commitment, Dynamism and Innovation. The Safe Group’s values are the foundations of an industrial culture that places customer satisfaction and CSR at the heart of its actions.
They are deployed on a daily basis by staff at our various sites, underpinning the company’s success and attracting new members who want to take part in our adventure.

  • Acting on the economic aspects of sustainable development is based first and foremost on our commitment to offering high quality products that satisfy our customers across all our activities.
  • Likewise, we place constant emphasis on innovation, both in our processes and in the products we offer our customers.
  • Therefore, Safe Metal R&D draws on an extensive network of partners to remain at the cutting edge of steel casting technology.
  • In addition, we adopt ethical and transparent rules of conduct in the management of our business relationships.
  • Finally, getting involved in local communities is an inherent part of our organisation, which has industrial sites located at the heart of the regions in order to fulfil our mission as a responsible company.

The main thrust of our CSR policy is to encourage the commitment of each and every employee at Safe Metal, while making sure their day-to-day work is meaningful. Therefore, we do our utmost to offer motivating working conditions and we strive to maintain constructive relations.

With regard to social aspects of sustainable development, our mission is to ensure a balance between employee well-being and corporate performance. Over the last few years, this people-oriented approach has led to a number of concrete initiatives.

Our activities have an impact on the environment, and we are committed to reducing this impact gradually and systematically. Safe Metal’s commitment to more environmentally sustainable development involves addressing the challenges of global warming and the depletion of natural resources specifically in our activity.

The aim is therefore to take action at every stage in the life cycle of our activities, from the sourcing of raw materials, through the reduction of the environmental footprint of transport, to the recycling of waste.

Our CSR report


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and development

Research and development

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