Rail transport

Rail transport

Preferred partner of rolling stock and infrastructure manufacturers

Safe Metal is a supplier to the world’s largest manufacturers of rolling stock intended for passenger transport (very high speed trains, regional trains, subways, trams, etc.), and for the transport of goods.

In order to best meet the requirements of its clients, Safe Metal offers to co-develop and manufacture molded and/or mechanically-molded assemblies ready to be integrated into the final systems. Solutions are therefore developed combining safety, reliability but also reduction in weight, noise or maintenance costs.

These developments are found in final systems such as:

  • bogies (structural and transmission components);
  • braking (brake discs, calipers, brake shoes, etc.);
  • coupling between coach cars;
  • motors.

Safe Metal has serious approvals in the rail sector in order to meet the quality requirements of its clients (DB, SNCF, AAR).

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