Service Archive

  • Public works and Mining

    Service Posts Designer of cast steel components and sub-assemblies in the public works and mining sector. Safe Metal designs and manufactures cast

  • Heavy-Duty Trucks

    Service Posts Safe Metal is recognized as one of the world leaders for heavy-duty truck components. With our considerable experience and dedicated

  • Rail transport

    Service Posts Preferred partner of rolling stock and infrastructure manufacturers Safe Metal is a supplier to the world’s largest manufacturers of rolling

  • Handling and lifting

    Service Posts Designer and supplier of safety parts Safe Metal is a leading supplier of lifting and handling equipment. Its product range

  • Agricultural Machinery

    Service Posts Design partner for the agricultural market Safe Metal serves the agricultural market through partners recognized in the profession. Its components

  • Defense Vehicles

    Service Posts Safe Metal supports manufacturers in the design process and then in the manufacture of high-safety parts for Defense vehicles. When