Castmetal FWF de Mexico, a winning safety policy

By Safe Metal — In Safety — 22 May 2021



365 days without any accidents...

Castmetal FWF de Mexico has been rewarded for its safety strategy in the best possible way. By making the “zero accident” objective the priority of its HR policy, this plant has built up this success step by step by testing new devices and adapting processes inspired by the best practices of all the Safe group sites, as well as those of its clients, in particular Caterpillar. Let’s look back at this approach, which was supported by all of the employees, with the plant’s director Jérôme Tricoire.

Castmetal FWF Mexico voit sa stratégie sécurité récompensée de la plus belle des manières. En ayant fait de l'objectif "zéro accident" la priorité de sa politique RH, cette usine a construit pas à pas ce succès en testant de nouveaux dispositifs et en adaptant des process inspirés des best practices de l'ensemble des sites du groupe Safe mais aussi de ses clients notamment Caterpillar. Retour sur une démarche portée par l'ensemble des collaborateurs de l'usine avec son directeur Jérôme Tricoire

From day one, in 2008, Jérôme Tricoire placed safety at the heart of his priorities and those of the entire management team; first and foremost by setting up a management system based on regular audits, an analysis of each event making the staff involved responsible, long-term training actions, a safety day devoted to taking stock, giving perspective, mobilizing on the objectives…

In addition to awareness-raising actions, our approach systematically seeks to involve employees in a positive and participatory spirit. Having the audits carried out by our Demo Technic colleagues who then provide a very objective external view of our processes, the immediate reactivity favored by instantaneous observations (STOP observation), supervisors working in pairs for weekly or monthly observations, are all operating methods that make it possible to concretize the areas for improvement.
To bear fruit, as it has just done over the last 365 days, the Safety process must be implemented over time - an annual Refresh training module for each operator is also deployed - but above all on a daily basis.

—  Jérôme Tricoire, director of the Castmetal FWF de Mexico plant

A corporate culture and a rigorous follow-up on safety and quality that undoubtedly contributed to Caterpillar’s decision to accredit the Castmetal FWF de Mexico plant as a Supplier Quality Gold.

An accreditation that rewards all employees, at least as much as the vouchers or gift points that have been put in place to thank them for their motivation.

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