Safe Metal: attracting the best talent

By Safe Metal — In R&D — 29 April 2020



School/business partnerships
to promote operational R&D...

Constantly on the lookout to attract the best talent, Safe Metal is a partner of several engineering schools. Among them, the Lyon Ecam, one of the most prestigious French arts and crafts schools, to which the company regularly offers to participate in the financing of the studies of future doctoral students.

Especially if they have a passion for foundry and their thesis topic fits perfectly with the company’s research and development program.

For Cécile Nicoli, a former student at Ecam who joined the Castmetal Feurs teams:

The whole point of school/business partnerships is to allow students to anchor their work in a research and operational development approach.

Especially if, as in her case, the thesis subject is precisely about improving the mechanical properties of impact strengths of steel by adding elements in small quantities using the cored wire technique. A thesis that she placed in an industrialization perspective so that her research could concretely bring new value to Safe Metal products.